The 5 Best Budget Good Camera Rugged Smartphone

bl6000 pro

Are you looking for the best budget rugged phones with good camera? Then you are in the right place. Eurorugged is a professional tech website which focus on providing practical guides of rugged devices.

We carefully selected the 5 best budget rugged smartphones with good camera after deep investigation from the market, at the same time, they are able to meet the needs of most using situations. It will be a useful guide for those who are looking for the cost-effective products. Just take few minutes to read the guide carefully(Skip reading may cause misunderstanding), you will gain practical idea.

The 5 Best Good Camera Rugged Smartphone You Shouldn’t Miss

For outdoor lovers, a smartphone with good camera is necessary in their life. In addition to the good cameras, the following 5 phones also come with a smooth experience.

Blackview BL6000 Pro

One of the best budget fastest 5G rugged phone with good camera.

This phone throw in a super cool and stylish design, powered with MediaTek Dimensity 800 powerful Octa-core 5G chip and the latest Android 11, plus 8GB LPDDR4X ultra-big RAM and 256GB UFS2.1 ultra-big ROM, provides smooth experience. With -30℃ cold-resistance and 5280 mAh big capacity battery, provides longer-lasting battery life and enjoying shooting in a cold weather.


Equipped with the SONY IMX582 48MP+0.3MP+13MP rear cameras and 16.0MP front camera, support smooth 30fps 4K HD video shooting, provides good capture experience.

Underwater Shooting

Wanna shooting under the water by using a phone? Blackview BL6000 Pro make this come true. Users just need to switch into the ‘underwater’ shooting mode.


One of the most practical camera phones – best budget.

Want to check out if there are hidden cameras in the hotel or the public toilet without using an obvious hidden camera detector? A rugged smartphone can replace it, it’s Blackview BV8800. That’s the reason why it is one of the most practical camera phones. Next, let’s check out what cameras come from BV8800.

Equipped with 50.0 MP main rear camera, provides high-quality and clear outdoor photos. With 20.0 MP IR night vision rear camera, users can take photos in the dark, and it can be used as a hidden camera detector. And the photos and videos shot from the night vision camera will be mono mode — retro. With 8.0 MP 117-degree wide angle camera, store more beautiful scenery. And the 16.0 MP front camera is as good as the Tecno phone’s 32.0 MP front camera.

Crosscall ACTION-X5

48.0 MP + 13.0 MP camera at €549.90.

ACTION-X5 comes with a 3850 mAh battery — slightly lower than the industry average standard, and equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, meet the needs of most daily use. With 5.45 inches display screen — screen-to-body ratio less than 80%, make it pocket-friendly.


This rugged phone come with a 48.0 MP  main rear camera, provides good capture experience, and the 13.0 MP 120-degree wide angle rear camera store more beautiful scenery. And you can take a good selfie picture thanks to its 13.0 MP front camera.


4G rugged smartphone with good camera – 48MP.

S97 Pro comes with a Samsung 48.0 MP rear camera and 16.0 MP front camera, provides good capture experience. Equipped with MediaTek Helio G95 Octa-core processor and 8GB RAM+128GB ROM, provides smooth experience. In terms of battery life, DOOGEE S97 Pro adopt with a 8500 mAh (actual capacity 7500 mAh) big capacity battery, provides long-lasting battery life.

Ulefone Armor 11

Good camera 5G handset start at $379.99.

Ulefone Armor 11 also come with 48.0 MP rear camera, provides good capture experience, and throw in a 16.0 MP front camera. Like Blackview BV8800, Armor 11 also equipped with a 20.0 MP IR night vision camera. Compare the two night vision camera rugged smartphones, BV8800 come with higher battery capacity which up to 8380 mAh, but Armor 11 come with 5200 mAh battery. And BV8800 equipped with 50.0 MP rear camera. The difference is, BV8800 is a 4G rugged phone, and Armor 11 support 5G network. In terms of price, Armor 11 is more expensive than BV8800.

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