Which is the world’s toughest smartphone?

The toughest smartphone in the market is the smartphone which named rugged phone, rugged phone also named 3 proof phone or indestructible phone, etc. With shock-, drop-, water-, and dust-resistant, it can have survived where other devices could not.

These devices have undergone stringent tests to ensure they meet military standards and can thus withstand extreme temperatures, shocks and more.

So, what are the best brands of the toughest smartphone in the world, and come with most affordable price?


The good but cheap rugged phones Blackview has created.
If you are looking for the toughest rugged phone with low budget, Blackview brand is what you are looking for. The featured models include BL6000 Pro, BV5100, BV9900E, BV9800 Pro, BV6600, are worth to try.


The professional rugged outdoor smartphone brand.
Different with other brands, some AGM rugged phones integrated multi practical features into one device, like AGM Glory Pro integrated both thermal imaging camera and IR night vision camera. Therefore, AGM products come with higher prices than Blackview.

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