Are Blackview smartwatches all rugged smartwatch?

Blackview is one of the world’s well-known brand of rugged phones, this is a company that combine manufacture and sell, with over ten years experience, it is both the wholesaler and retailer.

After years of development, Blackview products have extended several new lines different with rugged phones, which include smartwatch. But not all Blackview smartwatches are rugged smartwatch, to be precise, almost all Blackview smartwatches are not rugged smartwatch in addition to Blackview R6. However, the R6 was out of the market not long ago. And, there is no successor at the moment.

Will Blackview launch rugged smartwatch in the future?

According to Blackview official, the answer is yes. Besides, compare to other brands’ smartwatch, the current Blackview smartwatches adopt well IP rating such as 5ATM and IP68 waterproof grade.

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