How does a smartwatch measure human’s body temperature?

Not each smartwatch is able to measure human’s body temperature. To measure your body temperature, it requires the smartwatch equipped with a temperature sensor. This type of smartwatch is available in the market. Generally, the sensor is in the back of the watch, and you can see it. When you wear a body temperature sensorContinue reading “How does a smartwatch measure human’s body temperature?”

Are Blackview smartwatches all rugged smartwatch?

Blackview is one of the world’s well-known brand of rugged phones, this is a company that combine manufacture and sell, with over ten years experience, it is both the wholesaler and retailer. After years of development, Blackview products have extended several new lines different with rugged phones, which include smartwatch. But not all Blackview smartwatchesContinue reading “Are Blackview smartwatches all rugged smartwatch?”